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Guest Blogger: Mimika from Mimika's Little Wonderland

Hey guys! So for a couple of weeks I've been working with Mimika from Mimika's Little Wonderland blog and we've decided to feature one another on each other's blogs. I am very excited to finally work with another blogger and excited to share her blog with all of you. Her posts are so informative and it's obvious she puts a lot of work into each one of her posts. It's amazing! I hope you all enjoy her great tips and check out her blog. :)

"Hi everyone! I am Mimika from Mimika's Little Wonderland- a fashion and beatuy blog! Thanks to Amber from Beauty Guide 101, I am very honored to be a guest blogger on her blog! I am a BIG beauty and fashion junkie. I started my blog last year but didn`t start blogging actively till this March. My blog provides practical beauty/fashion tips and updates to my readers. I also love doing giveaways and have a few going on right now! Check it out :)

Today I am going to do a review of 2 foot care products plus some of my foot care tips! Afterall, it's summer and it's time for sandals! Imagine you are wearing a lovely sun dress, colorful sandals, but dry, rough feet!! We have to take care of feet especially when summer is here! This post is about 2 products I am currently using that moisturize and remove rough skin: Sally Hansen Spa Foot Mask with Lavender & Tea Tree Oil and Dr Scholl's Callus Filer

Sally Hansen Spa Foot Mask with Lavender & Tea Tree Oil

This foot mask smells very nice with a light lavender smell and is very refreshing! I think it's great when you want to feel relaxed! I love to soak my feet in warm water before using this mask which is a total spa treat! I give this 4/5.

It has a cream like consistency that is pretty easy to apply and doesn't make a mess as it holds onto your feet. It dries off after around 5-10 minutes. You then wash it off under lukewarm water. I give this 4/5 as well!

This Sally Hansen Foot Mask does moisturize your feet after use although the results are pretty short term. I think you have to use it consistently for a while to see the results. However, for rougher skin, it doesn`t help as much. I think you still need a filer. If the moisturizer effect can stay longer it would deserve a higher score. I give this category 3.5/5.

Overall I love this foot spa and would get it again! An overall 4/5.

Dr. Scholl’s Callus Filer 

Removing callus and rough skin
This filer has two different  abrasive surfaces and files calluses and hard skin. The durable stainless steel head is washable and long-lasting. I normally use the more abrasive side to remove callus and the gentler side to remove rough skin on the balls of my feet. It does a pretty good  job removing rough skin and makes my feet feel softer. I give this a 4/5!

Easy to use and clean
I like the shape of this filer better than a pedi stone because it`s easier to use. It has an  easy-grip handle that lets you file even hard-to-reach areas. For cleaning I use put it under running water and hang it to air dry afterwards which is pretty easy. Another 4/5!

Overall this is definitely a 4/5 for me and I love this more than a regular pedi stone!

Mimika's Foot Care Routine:
  1. Soak your feet in warm water. You can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or olive oil to moisturize your feet
  2. Buff your feet with a filer or pedi stone to remove callus or rough skin
  3. Towel dry your feet and apply your favourite foot mask. Leave for 10 to 15 mins and wash off
  4. Apply a pedi cream to your feet while massaging your feet in circular motion. Don't forget to massage your legs as well especially if you wear heels a lot.
  5. When applying pedi cream, remember to apply on your toe nails and cuticles as well!

I hope you love this post! Thanks again Amber and please visit my blog Mimika's Little Wonderland for more beauty tips and giveaways!"

Thank you so much Mimika for sharing with us!

And here is a little snippet of my post on her blog. Make sure you check it out :)


This summer I've noticed that whites have made a HUGE comeback. White pieces can be paired with any other piece. White is essentially the "black" for summer. Nearly any top or bottom can be paired with this color and because it is a light neutral it instantly brightens an outfit. 

White on Trend for Summer

             White on Trend for Summer by beautyguide101
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