Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lost Posts: How to Style Combat Boots

Hey guys!
Here is the last "Lost Post" I will do from last year. I slightly modified it to show you more outfits in which you can wear combat boots. I think you can wear combat boots with pretty much anything as long as you rock it with confidence. I love the edginess feel they bring to any outfit. I love wearing my combat boots and have to admit that I feel slightly bad ass when I do. lol I hope you enjoy the outfits I've put together and like the few pins I've added to give you more ideas. 
Note: I linked the pics that aren't mine back to the Pinterest link from where I originally saw them. :)

Here, I wore a white tank layered with a plaid button up, leather jacket, and faux fur vest.  My pants are simply distressed skinnies. 

I like to leave my boots untied and loose at the top to give a more effortless look.

^^this link has a bunch of other combat boot outfit ideas^^

Do you have combat boots? How do you like to style them?

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