Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel Dupe/Review

Hey guys!
Today, I wanted to show you a Chanel dupe I found from Target. Yay! Who doesn't love a cheaper alternative? So, if you've followed my blog for a while, you know that I wanted the Chanel Bronze Universel for THE longest time and I finally bought it in July. You can read that review here. On a recent trip to Target, I saw that Sonia Kashuk had a cream bronzer and it immediately caught my attention and made me wonder if it could possibly be similar to the Chanel bronzer. Once, I brought it home and swatched it, I knew it was.

Sonia Kashuk Creme Bronzer- Warm Tan (41)

I think the packaging is very sleek looking but for the amount of product you get, the packaging is a little bulky.  

The lid has a nice magnetic closure unlike the Chanel that has a twist on top.

This cream bronzer comes in two shades- Warm Tan (41) and Rich Bronze (42). This one is Warm Tan (41). The other is darker in color. 

Underneath the bronzer is a little compartment, which holds a round sponge. There is also a mirror for when you're on the go. I don't find this sponge useful but hey, to each their own.

Left-blended, Right-swatched
This bronzer glides on the skin with ease and blends out beautifully. It's VERY easy to blend into the skin and leaves a satin/dewy finish. 

Here are the two cream bronzers side-by-side. The Chanel bronzer is 1 once and I am unsure of how much product is in the Sonia Kashuk bronzer (it doesn't say).

The Chanel packaging is clearly bigger than the Sonia Kashuk but I don't think it's something to just throw in your purse. It's more likely to sit pretty on your vanity. The Sonia Kashuk, however, I look at as something I would throw in my purse and that's why I think for the amount of product you get (and I know it's less than 1oz.) the packaging seems a little bulky. 

The color of the two bronzers are pretty much identical. 

In the picture above, I wanted to capture the difference in texture. Though they are both creams, the Chanel bronzer is a drier formula than the Sonia Kashuk. 

Sonia Kahuk- top, Chanel- bottom
Again, the colors are identical, yet the Sonia Kashuk has a wetter or more dewy finish than Chanel. 

Sonia Kahuk- top, Chanel- bottom
I wanted to see how they both looked when I set them with powder and as you can see, they look identical. In this case, I set the cream bronzers with Makeup Forever's HD Setting Powder.

Overall, if you really want the Chanel Bronze Universel but hate the idea of spending $48, the Sonia Kashuk Undetectable Creme Bronzer in Warm Tan (41) is a great alternative and is quite the steal for $10.99. Though it is creamier in texture, once it is set with a powder, it looks virtually the same. I also feel that the Sonia Kashuk gives a pretty, dewy bronzed look when used as an all over bronzer. Now, do I regret buying the Chanel? Yes and No. Yes, for the fact that there is a really good dupe out there for a fraction of the price but no, for the fact that I wanted that bronzer for FOREVER and I feel $$ RICH $$ when I use it. lol I pretty much use the Chanel when I'm feeling fancy ;P

Hopefully, this helped anyone out there who is on the fence about splurging on an expensive cream bronzer or is just looking for a cheap Chanel dupe. Let me know if you've tried either of these and how you like them.

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  1. I'm so glad you found this dupe!!! I've heard that the Chanel one is amazing but I have not been willing to pay the money for it. Now I can get the dupe which looks really identical :)

  2. I just started reading you blog and I love it ! I have tried this chanel bronzer and Loved Loved Loved it ! I think the dube sounds great but I can't because I dont live in the U.S its deffinatley on my list for when I do go to america ! Great review :) x -abby

  3. Such a great dupe! I have been considering Chanel's Soleil for quite some time but im more than happy to pick up a less expensive dupe!


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