Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Drugstore Haul

Hey everyone!
Some time has passed since I've bought this stuff but now that I've used everything I can give you a mini review of each product. YAY! *Anchorman Jump* :P I love that movie lol

Let's just JUMP right into it...

Covergirl TruMagic Skin Perfector
This skin perfector mattifies your face and smoothes pores and fine lines. They claim you can use it before and/or after your makeup (and you can) but I prefer to use it before I apply my makeup. When you use it after your makeup application, the sponge and even the product becomes stained with the color of your foundation. I like to keep my things looking clean, so I like to use it before I put on makeup and I love the way it makes my makeup look. Also, it makes my skin feel super silky. I will most likely repurchase this when I run out. 

Wet 'N' Wild- 3 Pack (Vanity Palette, Black Eyeliner, and Black MegaLength Mascara)
This was a total steal from Rite Aid! I got it for $2.49! Woohooooo! I had wanted the Vanity palette for THE longest time and even considered paying $15 for it on Ebay so I would have it (I had heard and seen so many great reviews on this palette). The great part was that I found it in a set with an eyeliner and mascara. Of all the things that came in the set, the Vanity palette was definitely worth the hype and I'm so glad I have it in my collection. I actually keep it in my makeup bag in my purse. As for the eyeliner and mascara, they're okay... The eyeliner is pretty good. The mascara is okay but it's definitely on the wet side, which I typically don't go for. 

Covergirl TruBlend
I was drawn to this foundation because they had changed the packaging to the similar packaging of the 3-in-1 foundation. The consistency is thin the coverage is light/medium. I actually mix a pump of this with my 3-in-1 Covergirl foundation and I really like it for winter. The 3-in1 foundation was starting to feel a little dry and cakey, but when I added this it felt a lot better. I have worn this foundation by itself but I feel like it's not the best for my combination/oily skin. 

L'Oreal Extraordinaire by Color Riche Lip Gloss in 101 Rose Melody and 201 Rose Symphony
I love these lip glosses.  The colors are super pigmented and beautiful. The texture isn't too sticky but is sticky enough to where it will stay on you lips for a decent amount of time. 

RevlonHighlighting Palette in Rose Glow
This highlighter looks beautiful in the pan and is nice on the skin but is pretty glittery. When I first used it my face looked like a disco ball, but now it only looks a little glittery. I actually prefer a shimmery/glowy highlight and not a glitter highlight, but this looks pretty when it's used slightly over the top of your blush.

Salon Perfect Lashes in 110 Black
These are some of my favorite lashes. I think they look fairly natural but with a little oomph. I think they would be fine for everyday or even if you wanted to just wear them for a night out for a little more of a dramatic look. Kinda like your lashes but better. 

So, that's all I got! I hope you liked my haul and enjoyed my mini reviews of each thing.

Have y'all been shopping lately? 
Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?

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  1. I've never seen that Covergirl powder! Is it a powder? I've never used a perfecting/priming product in that form before but now I'm really curious to see what it's like! I'm heading to my local drugstore today, so it's perfect timing for me to take a look :)

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    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

    1. No, it's not a powder.. It's a little hard to describe what it is. It's like a solid form of primer, like a clear balm for your face lol I don't know if that really makes sense but I don't know how else to describe it. I like it though.

  2. Oh wow, all three of those products together! I'd love love love to use that 6 pan palette, their quality is just so good!

  3. I love the natural golden colors of the Wet n' wild palette. I so wish I could get hold of the brand here in the UK :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. What a bummer! :( I wish we had Sleek here in the states.

  4. I have searched high and low for that Wet N' Wild palette! You found it at a Rite Aid? We don't have them here in Texas but my soldier is stationed in North Carolina...I think he is about to get a "Call of Beauty" to go pick that up for! Great haul!

    1. Yeah, I know! I live in east Texas and I wish we had Rite Aid's here too. I actually got it while I was in NYC on my Christmas vacation. I love it! I think it was by a crazy chance I found it though. I didn't see any others like it around the store and it was in a basket thing with other sale items.

  5. That highlighter looks adorable!!! And ive been curious about the Tru Magic Skin Perfector. Im a total grease ball and could probably use it but something about the consistency just scares me haha

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix


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