Monday, May 11, 2015

Pinterest Pinner for Visionworks | Giveaway

Hey guys!

I am excited to announce that I am partnering with Visionworks and am the 1st guest pinner on their Pinterest board titled "Beauty Tips and Tricks."

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Visionworks to guest pin on their Pinterest page. After taking a look around, I noticed they didn't have a "beauty" board, so I casually mentioned it to them and a short while later the board "Beauty Tips and Tricks" was born :) It only seemed right that I would pin to a beauty board considering I'm a beauty blogger and all.

If you don't already know, Visionworks is one of the leaders in eyewear. They have hundreds of locations all over the U.S. and carry name brand eyewear, such as Michael Kors, Bebe, Guess, Vera Bradley, and more. They also carry prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses and even contacts. YAY!

Since I am partnering with Visionworks, I am hosting a giveaway for all of you guys! The winner will receive a $100 Gift Card to Visionworks. Who doesn't love a giveaway? Simply enter below. GOOD LUCK!

The winner will be announced on MAY 18, 2015.


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  1. Lovely giveaway! :)

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