Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Week in Photos

Hey guys!
This past week has been pretty busy and this upcoming week is going to be hectic too! Throughout the week, I feel like it's important for me to take breaks to maintain my sanity. I have been LOVING Instagram ever since I got my new phone and post pictures all the time! Above are a few pics I've taken this past week.

This week I bought a new purse from Target from the line Merona. I love the structure of this purse and have been wanting a brown purse. Just something neutral and light-colored I could wear during the Spring and Summer time.

On Tuesday, it was mine and Brandon's 4 year anniversary. I decorated a white mug with meaningful pictures all the way around. :)

I also decided to spruce up my phone case by adding studs to the back. I think it turned out pretty cute and it gives me a better grip on my phone... I mean, it's not like I've dropped it four times in the past week or anything... *cough

Lastly, I went to Sephora and picked up a sample of Bare Minerals. I wanted to try this simply because I've heard of so many people liking it. I've tried mineral makeup before and hated it, but figured I'd give this a try to see if it was any different. I will be posting a review on it soon!

I hope you all have a good week and if you are finishing up this semester of school GOOD LUCK! I feel your pain! lol It's getting down to the nitty gritty but just hang in there!

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  1. Wow! Happy 4th year anniversary! :) i love the purse and the case with studs.

    1. Thanks! I got the purse from Target and put the studs on the back of the case myself with hot glue :)


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