Thursday, April 4, 2013

LORAC TANtalizer Review

Hey guys!
Today I bring you a review of LORAC's TANtalizer. I received this sample a long time ago and never used it. Since Spring is finally making way and my shorts are starting to make an appearance in my wardrobe again, I figured I'd try it out. The tantalizer isn't a self-tanner per say but more like a shimmery body bronzer.

The tantalizer comes in two shades- Original and Deep. While this is only a sample, the regular 5 fl. oz. retails for $32 on the Lorac website.

I received this particular sample at Sephora. 

There is a slight scent but nothing over bearing and does wear off. 

You may also consider using this mixed into your tinted moisturizer or foundation for a hint of warmth. 

I applied this all over my legs and it dried fairly quickly. After it dried, it made my skin feel moistened like I had just put on a lotion but never felt greasy. 

When first applied, it seems pretty dark on the skin but easily sheers out the more you rub it in. You may also add it to a lotion or sunscreen if you have fair skin. 

Here's what it looks like straight out of the bottle.

Here you can seen the beautiful golden sheen it gives your skin. In the sun light it looks so gorgeous! You're able to see little specks of gold shimmer/glitters. 

I found that this luminizer lasted all day and never faded, streaked, or ended up patchy. It lasted until later that night when I washed it away in the shower. I also noticed that it never transferred to my clothes which was great!

Overall, I really liked the way this looked on my legs and think it would look great all over the body. I would not buy this intending to use it on a daily basis but only on special occasions. I think if you had an occasion where you wanted to show a little skin and wanted to look super glowy like a bronze goddess than this would be perfect!

Let me know if you have tried it and what you think :)

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