Friday, September 13, 2013

Sister TAG! (Video)

Hey guys!
While visiting my sister in Houston, I asked her if she'd be interested in making a video with me. Lucky me, she said yes! I wanted to make this video because I know I've mentioned her several times in my blog and I wanted everyone to get to know her as well. This video is very "raw," meaning I pretty much didn't edit anything out. So because of this, the video is 20 minutes long... Ooops. :P After watching the video, I think it's a great depiction of what it's like when we're together. We laugh all the time and come up with the silliest things. It's always fun. If you don't have a sister, I truly feel sorry for you. lol You missed out. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the video. :) Click the picture or link below.

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1. How old are you both?
2. Describe each other in one word?
3. Do people ever get you mixed up?
4. What is something that annoys you about one another?
5. What is it like being sister with a youtube "guru"?
6. Do you ever argue?
7. Whats the best thing about one another?
8. Ditch the dirt?
9. Fave inside joke?
10. Fave memory together?
11. Full sisters/half/step?
12. Guess each others fave singer?
13. Who takes longer to get ready
14. Heels or flats?

15. Pants or dresses?

16. Favorite animal?

17. If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?
18. Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?
19. Blackberry or iPhone?

20. Favorite movie?
21. What is something weird that you eat?
22. Do you guys have anything matching?
23. What's your favorite TV show?

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  1. HOW CUTE!! I swear I am watching this ASAP <3


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