Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Fix Broken Powder

Hey everyone!
The other day my favorite, fairly new, Wet N Wild blush broke in my makeup bag. I was tempted to throw it away because of the mess it made in my bag and the fact that it was only three dollars and I already had an extra one... BUT I decided NOT to be wasteful and simply turn the process of fixing a broken powder into a blog post. :) Yay me! haha So let's begin, shall we?

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Broken Powder i.e. eyeshadow, blush, face compact, or anything else related
  • Something to crush the chunks (I hate that word) big pieces into a fine powder
  • Alcohol- Rubbing alcohol that is 

  • I used this knife thing. I honestly don't know where it came from but figured it would do. lol And I used this Alcohol that has a small opening at the top to make it easier to drop single drops into the pan.

    First, crush up the big pieces into a fine powder

    Like so...

    Next, add a little rubbing alcohol.

    I added quite a bit on accident. Oops! No big. It'll just take longer for it to dry :) Then, smooth the product out with your knife or gently tap the pan on the counter to even out the product.

    *Optional- Clean the excess powder off of the remaining packaging to give it a cleaner look.

    Wait a few hours for it to dry and you're done! Like new!.. almost.

    Let me know if you try this out and what kind of results you get! :)

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    1. *boomarked

      I will never have to throw away a powdered product again with this! Super helpful! :D

    2. I love this! Such a good idea, and I'll definitely be trying this next time this happens to me! :) x

    3. I'm heartbroken I didn't see this earlier, I threw away my broken blusher last week because I thought it was dead beyond return.
      But thanks so much for posting this! So helpful for the future <3
      Going to follow your blog from now on, you're a useful blogger!

      Kerys x

    4. What a fab tip...thanks very much xx
      Found your blog via Mimika's Beauty blog hop and followed xx

    5. this is an amazing tip! thanks for sharing! :)

    6. Very helpful tip. I've just making do with the power shifting around as I try to capture it with my blush brush.

    7. Your post is so helpful,love your blog!Follow each other?

    8. Mi aggiungo alle tue followers e ti aspetto da me :-)


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