Friday, August 24, 2012

MAC Bare Study Dupe!

Hey guys! 
Last night I was browsing around online and saw that Maybelline came out with their Limited Edition Scene on the Runway Collection for Fall. They came out with 4 Limited Edition Color Tattoo shades- Barely Beige, Gold Shimmer, Mossy Green, and Rich Mahogany. I picked up Barely Beige and Gold Shimmer.

I also saw online that the Barely Beige color is a close dupe for MAC's Bare Study Paint Pot. The only difference being that Bare Study has a slightly more yellow/gold undertone and Barely Beige leans more on the pearl-ish pink side.

When I heard about these I immediately told Brandon, my boyfriend, that I needed to go to Walgreens right then. IT WAS AN EMERGENCY! So we went around 9-something last night and I frantically searched the store then I finally saw them and ran to the display. It seemed that they had just put the display out because it was completely stocked (thank goodness!) So I picked up the 2 shades I felt I would use the most. To my surprise at the register, they rang up as BOGO 50% off. YESSSS! I secretly did a fist pull haha. I came walking out to the car with a cheesy grin on my face feeling so accomplished. I'm sure he thinks I'm crazy but getting drugstore limited edition products is a rush for me. It's seriously like a drug and it takes over my brain. I become so obsessed about finding the product and the fact that it's limited edition adds to the eagerness and excitement. I will go to any city that's relatively close just to get it. Then once I get it, it gets thrown into the black hole of makeup drawers and it's never seen again. just kidding!... but not really.

Haha ok so here are some pics and swatches of my latest find. Let me know if you've picked them up or have seen them at your local drugstore.

Left to Right- Barely Beige, Gold Shimmer

Barely Beige (MAC Bare Study dupe)

Gold Shimmer

Swatch with Flash

Swatch without flash

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  1. This just made me so happy! lol! Bare study is a product I use almost every single day, I really hope I can get my hands on this dupe! Amazing post! xx
    Beauty by T

  2. hands down i need barely beige haha. thanks for the swatches!!

  3. I was trying to hunt down that display for about a week, but I finally found it today! I bought all four of the Color Tattoos and one nail polish.

  4. I ended up getting mine for buy one get one free :D I was so happy because I thought it was just going to be buy one get one 50% off so i was thrilled when i got them for buy one get one free :)

  5. I love the barely beige one! I'm not one for wearing much eyeshadow really, but I could see myself wearing this easily. Thanks for following, I'll definitely follow back! :)

  6. These look amazing xx Fab post xx your newest follower here and thanks for checking out my blog tooxxx

  7. I was so excited when I saw Barely Beige, but I opened mine up and it isn't nice and flat it there.. it was sideways to I had to push it down and now it's all soft..
    Gorgeous look though!

    1. :( aww. well at least you got to snatch one up!


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