Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Hey guys! 

Today I bring you an OPI Haul. Last week when I went to Walmart to get bean dip for Brandon and I walked passed the SmartStyle salon and saw that they sold OPI. I went in and browsed through the collections when I saw a section that was labeled "Buy 1, Get 2 Free" I was like "Yeahhh Buddy!" and decided to stock up on the ones that I liked the most. So when you think about it, it's like a paid about $2.80 something for each polish- which is a total steal! While I was hoarding the nail polishes in my hands, a lady asked if I needed a haircut. I thought about it for a second and decided what the hell? why not? and so got a haircut while I was there. lol *This is usually how my shopping adventures go* I walk in for one thing and get everything else but the thing I originally came in to get. I never did get the bean dip for Brandon but oh well, what can you do? ha 
Anyways, these are my new babies in my nail polish hoard collection.

L-R: Just Spotted the Lizard, Number One Nemesis, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, I Brake for Manicures, Over the Taupe, and Road House Blues

This color is a golden/green color with a hint of a blue duo-chrome. To me it's an ugly color but I love it at the same time! It's my favorite out of all of the polishes because it's so unique. I've also heard that it was a dupe for Chanel's Peridot- even better!

This is a dark grey/silver sparkly color. Almost like a gunmetal shade with sparkles.

This creme color is like an off-white shade. It has a grey cast to it.

This shade is a dark, deep shade of brown- nearly black. No glitters in this polish at all.

This is like a light version of the previous shade. It's a beautiful light brown color.

Royal blue is what comes to mind when I see this shade. It's very rich in color and almost looks black.

Sorry the pictures aren't the best but it'll have to do!

What colors are you loving for the Fall season?

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  1. what an awesome deal on the OPI! I would go totally crazy on those!

    1. I know! I just wished there were more to choose from! The few other colors they had were pinks- which I pretty much have every pink shade of nail polish known to man so I went with these lol

  2. totally obsessed. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit. xo


  3. I would of went crazy,lucky you! my fave was "I brake for manicures" :)

    1. I like that one too! I actually just painted my toes that color :)

  4. I adore the "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" shade, that's from the Spiderman collection isn't it? I like the white nail colours but have been looking for a shade that doesn't look like I painted them with white-out haha so this one is perfect! :D

    Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

  5. I need some darker colors for fall!!

    Following your blog! Would love a follow back (:


  6. Those are so pretty. I would definitely try it. - amirajsfashiondiaries.blogspot.com


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