Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review: Nicole by OPI Drying Drops

Hey guys!
Today I bring you a review on Nicole by OPI Drying Drops. I was in Target the other day and picked this up for half off. The original price was $7.04 and I paid $3.52. This bottle contains a clear liquid that looks like water and feels like a light oil. These drops are made to dry your nails to the touch after one minute and completely dry them in five minutes. I have been in desperate need of something to dry my nails almost instantly and this has been the perfect thing to help me out. 

These drying drops comes with a miniature dropper so you can easily drop the liquid on your nails.

It takes about 2 drops for each nail. I chose to do this over the sink so the excess liquid will runoff into the sink. I also like to angle my nails downward and drop the drops at the base of the nails and allow it to run down the length of the nails so the entire nail gets a nice coat.

This is after one minute and my nails are dry to the touch. They have an oil residue feeling on them but nothing gross or anything. 
Overall, I really like these drying drops. I think this was a steal considering the price. I've used other products exactly like this but have been way more expensive. This was a great deal and I would recommend this to anyone who's just as impatient as I am when it comes to waiting for nail polish to dry.

Have you guys tried drying drops? What do you think of them? 


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  1. i dont think i could survive without drying drops!!!! LOVE THEM! great review amber ill try these ones next time :)

  2. I'll have to check these out next time I go to the store! I always smudge my nails so these would be very handy :D xoxo

  3. love it!


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