Friday, June 29, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things... ♪

I'm back today to share with you a few of my recent favorite items. These items are all fairly new (except for the curling iron) but they are things that I love to wear or use. 

These cute cat-eyed sunnies are from Target. I had been looking for a pair of cat-eyed sunnies that flatter my face shape for a while. Every pair I found didn't seem to fit right but then I found these. They aren't too small and are just big enough to not make me look like I have bug eyes. They're perfect and for about $12, why not?

This is the latest Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain that everyone has been talking about. The name of this shade is Sweetheart. I love it. This product actually holds up to all the hype around it. This is the perfect bold, bright pink lip color for summer. I would definitely give these lip stains a try if you haven't already.

I managed to find this gold chain link necklace at Forever 21 for about $10. Once I spotted it, I ran and snatched it up! I was so happy to find this because I was just about to pay waaaay more than $10 for one that looked very similar online. Thanks for coming through once again Forever 21.

I've had this curling iron for a long time now. I stopped using it for a while but lately I've been in the mood to wear my hair curly. Instead of using it like it's intended, I've been wrapping my hair around it and using it like a clamp-less curling iron (wrapping my hair right over the clamp and holding for a few seconds.)

I recently purchased this Michael Kors gray snakeskin/light brown reversible belt from Marshalls a couple weeks ago. It was $20 and I love it! I love the snakeskin print and the gold hardware. It fits around my waist/hips and around my ribs, which makes this belt easier to wear with more outfits.

This is the MAC blush in the shade Blunt. It's a pretty dark shade but I use it with a light hand to contour my face. I love it and think it's a perfect matte shade to contour your face with.

I recently went shopping with my "Mama" (bf's mom) and we went into Banana Republic. We tried on several tops but this top stood out to the both of us from the rest. This top may look simple but it fits me like a glove which is why I love it. It tapers in at the waist and slightly flairs out around my hips. I also love the full-length zipper that runs down the back. It's a great basic piece that can be paired with anything.

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  1. Want that belt gonna be on the look out for that! & Love the sunnies I have a pair of cat eyed Betsey Johnson glasses, the frames are totally chic :)


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