Monday, June 18, 2012

Tagged Again!

I was tagged again! These are so fun to answer. lol This time I was tagged by the sweet Miss Meliss. So, I guess, lets get started!

1. What is the one beauty item you wished you owned?
I wish I had Chanel's Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer. I guess I can't seem to justify spending $50 on a cream bronzer... watch it be my next purchase- that's usually how it goes.
2. Whats your fall clothing must have this year?
I love knee high boots and jackets. I have a little obsession with jackets. I have way more than I really need.

3. What's your favorite movie?
It's hard to pick one but I really like Step Brothers. Haha just thinking about it makes me laugh.

4. What are your summer plans?
Well, as of right now, I am trying to finish my 2 summer classes and then the rest of my summer is free. I would like to go a on little vacay later in the summer but we'll see. :)

5. What makeup item can you not leave the house without it on?
I have to have on concealer and mascara... At least mascara. It makes the biggest difference to me. 

6. What is your favorite scent?
I love fresh, clean scents. I also like the smell of vanilla. Typically when I buy candles they are vanilla scented.

7. Why do you love to blog?
I love to blog because I have the freedom to post whatever I want. I post things that I especially like and can share my ideas with others and get their feedback. I like to interact with others who have the same interests and also don't think I'm crazy when I get excited about a new makeup product that comes out.

8. What is your staple nail polish?
Pink. I LOVE to wear pink on my nails. I especially like Barbie pinks- it just makes me feel so cute and girly. I love to look down at my nails and see my favorite color. I think wearing your favorite colors just puts you in a happier mood.
Strawberry Margarita

9. What's your hair styling tips?
I'm not very good when it comes to hair, but I know that when my hair is not wanting to mold in the shape I want it, I can use a little volumizing powder in my roots. This seems to give me texture so it's easier for me to shape.

10. Who is your inspiration?
This is hard for me... I can't think of a single person that truly inspires me all the time. I am mainly inspired by other's creativity. I also get inspired by really "chic" things (which really consists of anything I think looks expensive.)

11. What is your most worn piece in your closet?
My most worn piece in my closet has to be my blazers. I love the way blazers take an outfit from casual to pulled-together. Blazers are such a versatile piece and can change the look of any outfit.

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  1. Oh you've made me want that bronzer too now, but definitely wouldn't like shelling out that much. :) I use that same Loreal mascara every day! It's the best


    1. I know! I love that mascara. Sometimes I'll venture out and try others but I always seem to com back to this one!

  2. I love that hot pink nail polish! YOur blog is an inspiration, I love it! I am following you now dear. Follow me back please? ♥
    I am inviting you to my blog! Thanks!


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